NAPO Acoustic Lamp With Soft And Sinuous Lines


NAPO model acoustic lamp, lamp with soft and sinuous lines that furnish the environment with elegance.

TYPE: acoustic lamp.

DIMENSIONS: 42 x 39 cm (d x h).

SOUND ABSORBING: 12 strips of self-extinguishing expanded polyurethane, density 30 kg/m3, reaction to fire UL94-HF1, thickness 4 cm, colored enamel finish.

WOOD: birch plywood, 1.8 cm thick, finished with transparent varnish.

LIGHT POINTS: 1 E27 bulb housing, 300 cm white self-supporting electric cable.

Those who take care of their space know that the people who use it want to feel at ease: having the possibility to interact easily, without acoustic interference or background noise, makes the difference. Noverb Design sound-absorbing lamps are the ideal solution for achieving high acoustic comfort: patented products, the result of a completely Made in Italy project, exploit a 360-degree absorption action and a high quantity of sound-absorbing material, with a extremely small footprint. Suspended, wall or floor lamellar elements, conceived with a modular design that integrates easily with other furnishing accessories; a vast choice of colours, shapes and sizes means that they can be inserted in any type of environment.

A perfect combination of design, acoustics and lighting, Noverb Design acoustic lamps find their application in all those places where accurate control of sound reflections is required. The essential characteristics of these products are their lamellar structure, acoustic efficiency on all angles of incidence of sound, lightness and ease of assembly. The lamps are in fact sold disassembled, in two parts: central body and sound-absorbing slats. The latter must be hooked to the structure and can be replaced or removed easily, as needed, thanks to the joint system created.

The strength of acoustic lamps is their 360-degree absorption action, given by the spherical shape and the alternating positioning of the blades that make it up; in fact, the latter, by creating full and empty areas, maximize sound absorption. Their action is therefore both superficial, like that of a traditional sound-absorbing panel, and internal: the cavity that is created in the center in fact causes the kinetic energy of the acoustic wave to be definitively dispersed. In addition, the lamps contain a large amount of sound-absorbing material, compared to their small size, simultaneously performing the functions of acoustic correction and lighting.

The central body of the lamps is in 18 mm birch plywood, treated only with transparent varnish to enhance its aesthetic value. The sound-absorbing elements are instead made with high quality polyurethane foam, self-extinguishing according to European standards, hypoallergenic and extremely long-lasting. These materials, carefully chosen and rethought in a new form, give life to products with an innovative design, which integrates easily into any type of environment. The ceiling attachment system consists of a self-supporting lamp holder, while the type of lighting varies according to the model: diffused light for more generously sized products, or directional light for more compact ones.


• Noverb Design was born from the meeting of two sound engineers, with different experiences behind them but united by a passion for acoustics and design. The need is to meet the needs of a vast and heterogeneous public, which for years has understood the importance played by sound in its working environment.


• The company mission is to be able to make any environment acoustically comfortable, offering elegant and efficient solutions. Our intervention can be "invisible" with simple solutions that are perfectly integrated with the space, or with furnishings, choosing more refined and characterizing forms.


• The constant search for certified, functional and aesthetically pleasing materials, combined with our design philosophy at the service of acoustics, makes our solutions perfect for anyone who wants to produce a positive experience in their environment.

Marca Noverb Design COD: Napo-Mattone EAN: 7427255048220

NAPO Acoustic Lamp With Soft And Sinuous Lines

NAPO Acoustic Lamp With Soft And Sinuous Lines

NAPO model acoustic lamp, soft and sinuous lines furnish the environment with elegance. Lamp composed of 12 strips of self-extinguishing expanded polyurethane, density 30 kg/m3, reaction to fire UL94-HF1, thickness 4 cm, finished with colored enamel. Materials: UL94-HF1 polyurethane foam, phenolic birch plywood, transparent finish. Fixing system: Metallic white ceiling rose. Light point: E27 with white lampholder. DIMENSIONS: 42 x 39 cm (d x h), weight: 4kg. Acoustic lamp designed by Noverb Design, completely Made in Italy.


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