On you can buy led spotlights to replace the old halogen dichroic ones. You can find them available with three connections: the GU10 connection with direct 230V power supply, the GU5.3 or MR16 connection with 12V power supply and the G4 connection with 12V power supply. Generally by replacing the old 12V dichroics it is necessary to replace the power supply, as the LED spotlights consume approximately one tenth less than the halogen ones, you can find it available in the Power Supplies section, 12V.


By purchasing our LED spotlights you have numerous advantages, instant switching on, greater brightness and reduced consumption by up to 90%.

Led bulbs with the best quality / price ratio

LED spotlights are ideal for false ceilings, plaster ferrules, aluminum ferrules, in shelves and in outstrings. They have the great advantage that by not heating there is no risk that the heat will ruin the surrounding things.


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7w led spotlight ideal for corridors, kitchens, bedrooms, shops or exhibitions. 230 volt gu10 connection.
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Led Dichroic Spotlight GU10 7W 105° 580 lumen

Led spotlight with GU10 connection and 7w of power. 105 ° light beam and 580lm luminous flux. 7W corresponding to 60W. 3 color temperatures: warm light (3000K), natural light (4000K) and cold light (6000K). Dimensions: Ø 50mm x h 55mm.

€12.28 €7.00
On sale! -38%

MR11 Led Spotlight 3W 36°

MR11 led spotlight 3w with 36 ° light beam and 250 lm luminous flux. 3W corresponding to 25W. 12V power supply. Available in two color temperatures: warm light (3000K) and natural light (4000K). Dimensions: Ø 35mm x h 42mm.

€11.59 €7.19
Led bulb with G4 and 1.6w connection. Ideal in flos chandeliers, lampshades or display cabinets. 12V power supply.
Reduced price -25%

G4 Led Bulb of 1,6W 360°

Led bulb 1.6w with G4 socket. 360° light beam and 223 lm luminous flux. 1.6W corresponding to 15W. With transparent plastic cover. Available in warm light (3000K) and cold natural light (5000K).

€6.65 €4.99
Led bulb ar111 gu10 15W 45 ° 230V ideal in furniture factories, shop windows or products on display
Reduced price -20%

Led Bulb AR111 GU10 15W 45°

15w led bulb with AR111 GU10 socket. Light beam of 45 ° and luminous flux of 1120 lm. 15W corresponding to 150W. Available in warm light (3000K) and natural light (4000K). Size: 111*65mm. Direct connection to 230V thanks to the GU10 socket.

€32.00 €25.60