The payment methods provided by Sololed, before the order confirmation, are the following:

Credit card/Paypal: we only accept payment by credit cards with PayPal circuit. This is because we believe that it is the best circuit in the world as quality, services and safety guarantee for the privacy. Using PayPal is possible if you have a current account combined with PayPal and also just if you insert the data of the credit card without the obligation of registration.

Paypal: when the order is finished and the payment chosen is by PayPal, the buyer will be redirect on the PayPal website where he/she will be able to enter into his/her own current account inserting their personal credentials. If the buyer does not have a PayPal account he/she will be able to carry out the registration on the PayPal website and pay without the reinsertion of the data for the following purchase. The amount is immediately debit on the credit card  (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard). PayPal protects the information of the buyer because financial information are not sent. PayPal will send an e-mail of confirmation at each after receiving the business deal. The amount of the order will be debit on Paypal amount current when the order is accepted. The amount, in case of cancellation, will be  refund on the customer’s PayPal current account.

Bank Transfer: Payment can also be made by bank transfer as attested to extremes shown on the invoice that will be sent via e-mail shortly after the order confirmation. Once the customer has made ​​the bank transfer, Sololed will ship the goods.