Solar Energy Led


Our solar-powered outdoor led products work through the energy of the sun, are equipped with a photovoltaic panel that recharges the battery inside the led spotlight during the day and emits the required light in the evening.


Within this category you will find LED spotlights of various powers and sizes, up to outdoor street lamps. With a "simple" photovoltaic panel you will be able to illuminate all the spaces, mainly external, where you cannot reach with electricity.


During the day, the battery of the solar-powered product is recharged, while at night, some products are switched on at minimum power and with a special sensor switch on at maximum power when they detect a passage.


The installation of outdoor spotlights is very simple, just fix the led spotlight and the solar panel to the wall.

Then it will do everything automatically thanks to the twilight sensor that allows automatic switching on when the solar panel no longer receives light and automatic switching off when the sun rises.


The biggest advantage is to have lighting for the whole night without increasing the costs in the bill by a cent and being able to illuminate all the places where you cannot bring electricity.


Thanks to the operation through solar energy, the solar led spotlight does not need to be connected to the electricity grid and consequently does not need any cables.

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Solar Led wall 1000lm twilight +PIR

Solar led wall spotlight. Luminous flux of 1000lm.

3.7V rechargeable 18650 li-ion battery. Up to 12h of autonomy.

Battery charging time, about 13 hours.

The light turns on in 2 modes, night light, at minimum, when it...