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Caminetto Bianco da pavimento

Complete kits

The led kits are kits including led strips, power supply and fixing accessories. Different models available.

The multifunction led kit consists of a led bar with a double function, sensor touch switch and use inside walk-in closets or cabinets, the light turns on when the door is opened. Including plug-in power supply, fixing kit and screws.

The led kit with led strips can be combined with 3 led bars, it is turned on by means of the appropriate button, it is inclusive of plug-in power supply, fixing kit and screws.

The led kit with 4 rgb strips, on the other hand, works thanks to the adjustment that is made with the remote control, it includes a plug-in power supply, remote control, sensor and connectors for the led strips.


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KIT with 2 RGB LED strips and remote control ideal for plays of light behind the television
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RGB Led Strip Kit for Rear Television with Remote Control

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RGB kit of 2 led strips of 50cm each. RGB light. Complete with power supply with 5 Volt USB output. Complete kit with remote control for color and brightness adjustment. They are applied to the back of the television as ambient lighting, thanks to the remote control it is possible to obtain all the color games you want. They stick directly to the back of the TV and are powered with a direct USB output to the TV.