Bulbs with a G9 - G12 - G24 socket

In this category you can find led bulbs with a more particular attack. The g9 attack is that of the bulbs with a bayonet connection that are usually found in the lampshades, in the stringers or in the chandeliers and appliques. The g12 connection is that of the bulbs found inside track lights, recessed lamps with iodides and the like; in any case, the lamp must be rewired to make the LED lamps work. The bulbs with g24 socket are those inside wall or ceiling lights, usually used in indoor and outdoor lamps in condominiums, but also very common in residential ceiling lights, it is an attack born with energy saving lamps, also in this case it is necessary to rewire the ceiling light, thus obtaining a saving of at least 50%.

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Led bulb with G24 socket ideal for replacing fluorescent bulbs, 10watt.
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Led Bulb G24 10W 1155lm

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Led bulb with G24 connection, power of 10watt, light beam of 135° and luminous flux of 1155 lumens. 10W corresponding to 100W. 2 color temperatures available: Warm Light (3000 K) and Natural Light (4000K). Dim: 161*28mm, frosted glass. This bulb replaces the energy saving lamps present, in most cases, in wall lights and recessed lamps. It works directly at 230V, it does not work with electronic transformers or even with ferromagnetics.

Led bulb G12 10W ideal to replace the bulbs in track or recessed headlights
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Led Tubular Bulb G12 10W

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Tubular led bulb with G12 and 10W connection. Available in warm light (3000K) and natural light (4000K). Dimensions: H100mm ø30mm. Replaces a 35W metal halide bulb. Luminous flux of 1030 lumens. 360 ° angular opening.