Bio-fireplaces, the name of bioethanol fireplaces. Biofireplaces are fireplaces that use bioethanol as fuel.

What is bioethanol? A liquid and transparent fuel that does not produce fumes, bad smells and unburned residues. It is produced through a fermentation process from biomass, i.e. from agricultural products rich in carbohydrates and sugars such as cereals, sugar crops, starchy and marc.


The use of bioethanol does not require a flue, therefore all bio-fireplaces are very versatile furnishing solutions, capable of enhancing domestic environments without causing installation problems.


The bio-fireplace is a piece of furniture in great demand by designers and architects thanks to its elegance. There are many shapes and sizes.


On you will find a very wide choice of bio-fireplaces:

- Table bio-fireplaces, the most requested category, bio-fireplaces, in fact, are products that you can transport and use in any environment.

- Built-in bio-fireplaces, high-end products, very professional.

- Wall bio-fireplaces, to better furnish your rooms.


To use the bioethanol fireplace it is recommended to adopt certain precautions:

- Use only and exclusively bioethanol as fuel for the bio-fireplace

- After using the chimney, it is recommended to ventilate the room adequately in order to ensure correct oxygen exchange.

- It is advisable not to place objects, combustible or easily ignitable materials (curtains, fabrics, etc.) within a radius of one meter from the heat source (biofireplace in operation)


Does the bioethanol fireplace really heat?

Yes, the burners for biofireplaces give off real heat.


How much surface do bioethanol fireplaces heat?

They can heat a room up to 20-30sqm, depending on the capacity of the burner and the intensity of the flame.


Furthermore: they do not require a flue, do not require fixed connections and maintenance, they can be cleaned like normal furniture (no ash and / or soot). For biofireplaces with cast iron inserts it is recommended, before the second ignition, to blow on the burner in order to release the alcohol vapors.

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