Flexible led strips powered in 24V. Available in different powers, from the least bright, the 4.8w / m strip, up to the brightest strip of the series, a 25 w / m strip. The most used strip is undoubtedly the 14.4 w / m strip. The led strips are used as main lighting and direct or indirect lighting by means of the specific realization of veils; they are also used as secondary lighting to create plays of light. RGB and RGB-White strip available. The strips are also dimmable, meaning it is possible to vary the intensity of the light. They are applied inside aluminum profiles to dissipate the heat produced. High quality led strips at a very competitive price.

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Strip Led 4,8W/Mt 24V - Cost for meter

4.8 watt / meter led strip. Low intensity LED strip, ideal to be used as a courtesy light, passing light or for plays of light. 120 ° light beam as light opening. Luminous flux of 360lm / mt. IP20. 24V power supply. 60 LEDs per meter, type of...


Strip Led 9,6W/Mt 24V - Cost for meter

9,6watt/meter led strip. Ideal for use under the wall unit or in the recessed strips as courtesy lighting. 120° light beam. Luminous flux of 720lm/mt. IP20. 24V power supply. 120 LEDs per meter, type of LED: 3528 SMD. 5m reel. The 9,6w/m led...


Strip Led 14,4W/Mt 24V - Cost for meter

The 14.4watt/meter led strips shop online. It is the most used led strip. Suitable to be applied under the wall unit, above the wall unit to obtain an indirect light effect, in furniture factories, clothing stores, in veils, in bars and in any...


Strip Led 20W/Mt 24V - Cost for meter

Led strip 20watt/mt, ideal for the main lighting of rooms, shops or supermarkets. Very bright, with closely spaced LEDs that create a single strip of light without dots. 120 ° light beam. Luminous flux 1440lm / mt. IP20. 24V power supply....


Strip Led 25W/Mt 24V - Cost for meter

Led Strip 25watt/meter. High power led strip, ideal for the main lighting of large rooms and environments. 120 ° light beam opening of the light. Luminous flux of 1840lm / mt. IP20. 24V power supply. 204 leds per meter, type of led: 3014SMD. 5m...