The led spotlights with GU10 connection are spotlights that are powered at 230V. They replace the old 35w or 50w halogen dichroics, thus obtaining a saving of about 90%. Spotlights with GU10 fitting are also used inside the appliques that require it.


Where can i find led spotlights with gu10 socket?

LED spotlights with gu10 connection are generally found where there is a plasterboard ceiling, in rooms such as corridors, living rooms, kitchens or offices in general. The led spotlights with gu10 attachment are applied to the ceiling with a fixed or adjustable metal ring nut and a gu10 ceramic attachment.


The led spotlights with gu10 connection can also be found inside the above-below outdoor wall lights.


Is it better to replace the old dichroic ones with gu10 led spotlights?

Many wonder if it is convenient to replace the old halogen spotlights, called dichroic ones, with the new led spotlights, our answer is obviously yes! It is very convenient because an old halogen dichroic consumed 35w or 50w, now a led spotlight, of excellent quality and very bright, consumes from 5w to 8.5w, with a saving on consumption close to 90%.

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Led Dimmable Spotlight GU10 6W 60° 616 lumen

Price €9.00

Dimmable Led spotlight with 6 watt GU10 socket. 60 ° light beam and 616lm luminous flux. 6W corresponding to 75W of the old bulbs. 2 color temperatures available: warm light (3000K) and natural light (4000K). Dimensions: Ø 50mm x H 50mm. Dimmable LED spotlight, ideal in all those places where you need to vary the light intensity. Ideal for plays of light.