Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles for the dissipation of the led strips. Profiles in 1 meter cuts. Types available: Normal flat profile, angular profile, recessed profile and aluminum plate. Including satin or transparent cover, caps and clips.

Each profile has its own application, the normal profile is the one used in most cases, from the application under the wall unit, in the shelves, to general lighting; the angular profile finds its own application under the wall unit, in case you do not want to pierce the wall unit, in the veils to optimize the light, in the shop windows or to illuminate rooms by creating a frame of light; the recessed profile finds its application in recessed wood to illuminate shelves or displays, or in recessed plasterboard ideal for creating plays of light or illuminating environments in both residential and commercial settings; finally, the aluminum plate is the cheapest version and is generally used to apply the led strip in the veils

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