BELLINI floor bioethanol fireplace in black marble effect wood Made in Italy L96 x D35 x H96


DIVINA FIRE BELLINI bioethanol fireplace Structure and Design Made in Italy

The ecological fireplace powered by bioethanol BELLINI is a valid alternative to traditional fireplaces for heating the rooms of the house, without producing harmful fumes and in full respect of the environment. In addition to respecting the health of the ecosystem, the ecological fireplace has an elegant and captivating design, ideal for embellishing the environment in which it will be placed.

The structure of the fireplace also has very specific functional characteristics.
The presence of a chimney is not necessary as no fumes are produced to be expelled into the external environment. This also ensures that the heat is not dispersed in any way and remains inside the rooms. However, the heart of the bioethanol fireplace is undoubtedly made up of the tankin which the bioethanol itself is contained.
The advantages that derive from the use of a bioethanol fireplace are many.
First of all, respect for environmental health is obviously worth mentioning. Bioethanol is in fact a completely biodegradable fuel that does not contain sulfur and consequently carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions are extremely low, thus avoiding damage to both the environment and the health of the people present in the home. Even the installation of the fireplace itself, moreover, is not problematic at all, as it does not require connection to the electricity network or gas system. As a result, the fireplace can be placed anywhere in the interior, depending on individual needs. Furthermore, the flame produced has a warm and elegant appearance and manages to recreate the intimate atmosphere typical of traditional wood-burning fireplaces.
The single burner in 430SS stainless steel certified in Germany TUV ensures a safe and persistent flame. Its 3mm thickness and its singularity are the additional features that make the biofireplace unique, safe and efficient.

Design and Structure Made in Italy

Class E1 panel
FSC production
18 mm melamine panel
Resistant scratch-resistant material
Color: Black Veined Marble
External dimensions:
  • Width 96cm
  • Depth 35cm
  • Height 96cm
  • Weight 35 kg

Internal frame dimensions:

  • Width 58
  • Depth 28cm
  • Height 52cm
  • Weight 15 kg

Technical data:

  • Supplied in assembly kit complete with detailed instructions
  • Internal double protection iron frame
  • Superior quality 430SS stainless steel burner with 1.8lt rock wool
  • Burner dimensions: 44x12x6.6h
  • Power 3.2-3.4 kw
  • Heated surface: up to 30m2
  • Burning time: 4.5 - 5 h
  • Supplied with rock wool to stabilize the flame
  • Installation: on the floor
  • Assembly time with two people: approximately 1h 15min
  • Fuel: Ecoflame ecological bioethanol

Does the bioethanol fireplace really heat?

Of course, like all real flames, biofireplace burners give off real heat! Normally one liter of bioethanol develops approximately 3 to 4Kw/h depending on its type of burner, from the moment of its combustion. Furthermore, the bioethanol fireplace has a 100% efficiency because there is no heat dispersion through the flue and all the heat produced remains in the room.

How much surface area do bioethanol fireplaces heat?

Bioethanol fireplaces on average can expand heat up to an area of approximately 20-30m2, depending on the capacity of the burner and the intensity of the flame. However, it should be kept in mind that bioethanol fireplaces should not be conceived as the only source of heating inside a home: they are first of all a piece of furniture which, by giving off a live fire, also heat the environment, as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere.

How much do bioethanol fireplaces consume?

The consumption of bio fireplaces is indicative, as it depends on the various models, on the capacity of the burner and on the power of the flame depending on the burner (which is adjustable in many models). On average, a biofireplace that remains lit for 3 or 4 hours a day at maximum flame consumes 5 liters of bioethanol per week, but if the flame is kept at minimum, 1 liter of bioethanol also lasts up to 10 hours.

Is authorization required to use the biofireplace?

No. Like all free fireplaces, it is not subject to any legislation, nor does it require special permits.

Do I need a flue for the bioethanol fireplace?

Our bioethanol fireplaces do not require a flue because the combustion of bioethanol does not produce toxic substances, odors or fumes which must be carried out through the flue.

Are bioethanol fireplaces independent?

They are furniture that can be transported during a move, they do not require fixed connections either for the power supply or for the exhaust as they do not have a chimney.

How do you clean a Bio Fireplace?

Bio fireplaces do not need cleaning of ash, soot, etc. They can be cleaned like all other furniture.

Do bioethanol fireplaces require maintenance?

Bioethanol fireplaces do not require maintenance as there are no valves, fans, or other moving parts that can wear over time.

Marca Divina Fire COD: DF95600 EAN: 8056157806318

BELLINI floor bioethanol fireplace in black marble effect wood Made in Italy L96 x D35 x H96

BELLINI floor bioethanol fireplace in black marble effect wood Made in Italy L96 x D35 x H96
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DIVINA FIRE BELLINI bioethanol fireplace Structure and Design Made in Italy


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