Bestway Cancun Air Jet 4 Person Round Inflatable Spa Hydromassage Pool for Abroad


Lay-Z Spa Bestway Cancun Airjet Jacuzzi Pool

Your idea of relaxation is about to change forever, thanks to Lay-Z-Spa®, the outdoor hydromassage that you prepare in a few minutes and that doesn't take up space when you're not using it. Perfect if you want to experience the luxury of a real spa at home, you have little space available and you want to save money. We assemble all of our spas one by one, leave them to inflate for 24 hours and finally disassemble them to ensure that all components are in perfect working order.



The outer structure features a luxurious rattan texture



Tub resistant to puncture, thanks to the material that combines three layers of PVC and a mesh net, so as to make the structure durable and resistant.



The AirJet™ massage system works by releasing warm air into the water. With just one touch you can enjoy an intense full body massage that will help relax your muscles.

Always clean water


The new multi-function pump by Lay-Z-Spa® combines design, functionality and technology. A single object with a modern and refined aesthetic is able at the same time to inflate the spa, heat the water up to 40°C, carry out filtration to always keep the water as clean as possible and activate the massage system. It also integrates an adjustable digital panel that allows you to control all the functions while remaining comfortably seated inside the spa. The AirJet™ massage system works by releasing warm air into the water. With just one touch you can enjoy an intense full body massage that will help relax your muscles.

Freeze Shield™

The Freeze Shield™ system allows the pump to operate for long periods of time, at low temperatures and in energy saving mode, preventing the water from freezing.



Use 1 inch chemical chlorine tablets for uniform chlorination of water.


Perfect for accommodating up to 4 adults

Easy-to-reach digital control panel heats water up to 40˚C (104˚F)

The AirJets release warm air into the spa water, enveloping you in a relaxing massage with their bubbles

DuraPlus™ material has been load tested for strength and retains its original shape even after years of inflating and deflating

The Freeze Shield™ automatic heating feature protects the pump and casing during the coldest times of the year

The energy saving timer allows you to program the spa temperature up to 40 days in advance

The reinforced cover prevents heat loss when the spa is not in use

Integrated water filtration system

The ChemConnect™ chemical dispenser evenly disperses a stable level of chlorine

Quick and easy setup using the included spa pump

The spa pump also features a convenient cup holder for drinks and snacks

Technical features:

Capacity: 2-4 adults

Capacity (80%): 669 L (177 gal.)

Dimensions inflated: 1.80m x 66cm (71"" x 26"")

Internal dimension: 1.32m (52"")

Fully loaded weight: 696 kg (1,534 lbs)

Effective Water Flow: 1,325 L/h (350 gal./h)

Heating system: About 1.5-2℃/h (3-4℉/h)

Max. heat capacity: 40℃ (104℉)

Net weight: 27kg (60lbs)

Maximum water depth: 52cm (20"")

The inflatable walls are made of Tritech™ material, to ensure exceptional durability and comfort

Relaxing AirJet™ hydromassage system (120 air jets)

The ultra-strong DuraPlus™ walls are load tested to ensure they are leak-proof

The Freeze Shield™ automatic heating system prevents the water from freezing preventing damage to the spa

The spa heater can be programmed for future use up to 40 days in advance

The ChemConnect™ chemical float keeps the chlorine level stable in the spa pool

Energy saving heating system with timer

Unit with digital control panel and spa pump with built-in filtration system includes cup holders and can also be accessed from inside the spa

Reinforced cover with safety clip


1 hydromassage pool

1 pool cover sheet

1 inflation pump

Filter cartridge (VI)

1 ChemConnect™ chemical float

Patch for repair

AirJet™ system

 Product Guarantee

The product benefits from the 2-year warranty from the manufacturer Bestway. For any problem encountered on the product after delivery, you can contact Bestway assistance by clicking on the following link: Bestway assistance


Fitting the pool to a super

flat surface to prevent the structure from straining too much on one side

Fill the pool to 80%, up to about 10cm from the edge

First use of the pool

To start, it is recommended to carry out a treatment called "shock treatment".

The shock treatment is carried out in two simple steps:

On the first day, the immediate release chlorine powder must be distributed uniformly on the surface of the water, dosing it at about 15/20 grams m3.

Now your pool is ready to be used.

 After 2/3 days you need to add an anti-algae, always based on the size of the pool.

This treatment will prevent the bottom and sides from becoming slippery, thus maintaining correct clarity.

Maintaining water clarity

To always keep the water in your pool clean and clear, free from traces of impurities and algae, it is advisable to test the water values every 1/2 days, correcting the pH where necessary with the appropriate products. which must have an average value between 7.2/7.6

Marca Bestway COD: 60003 EAN: 6942138975802

Bestway Cancun Air Jet 4 Person Round Inflatable Spa Hydromassage Pool for Abroad

Bestway Cancun Air Jet 4 Person Round Inflatable Spa Hydromassage Pool for Abroad
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