Aluminum corner profile kit for 2m LED, 2000×15.8×15.8mm


2-meter angle aluminum profile kit with satin cover, caps and clips.

The angle aluminum profile is used for proper dissipation of LED strips. 

How can I use the angular aluminum profile?

The angular aluminum profile is used for proper dissipation of the led strip, thanks to it the led strip will have a longer life. 

The steps for applying the profile are: 

1- Glue the led strip inside the profile, 

2- Make sure it is thoroughly glued, even the beginning and the end, if it does not adhere perfectly put a dab of glue in the back of the strip,

3- Run the wire out of the perforated cap,

4- Close with the clear or satin cover, depending on the one you have chosen,

5- Attach the clips with a small screw where you want to put the profile with led strip,

6- Insert the profile inside the previously placed clips

7- Connect your led strip to the power supply and your led strip with profile is ready! 

Where can I apply the led strip with angle aluminum profile including frosted cover?

Its ideal application is under the wall units, in case you do not want to pierce the wall unit apply at an angle between wall and wall unit. Ideal for ambient lighting by installing the angle profile between the wall and ceiling or it is used in most applications in the ceiling tiles, you insert the profile inside the ceiling tile for proper dissipation of the led strip and to achieve a better result in terms of lighting. 

By choosing the right led strip you will have an extraordinary result.

It helps to protect from dust and external agents thus achieving, a better aesthetic result for better cleanliness.  

You can find the led strips that can be inserted inside this profile HERE.

In the kit you will find: 2 meters of aluminum angle profile, 2 meters of satin cover, 2 clips and 2 caps.

Our angle profile is suitable to support a 28 watt/meter led strip. 

Led strip not included. 

  • Guaranteed Safety:

This profile features outstanding safety properties, providing robust external protection for LED lighting systems. It ensures reliable and stable operation, helping to create a safe and reliable lighting environment.

  • Adaptable to Your Needs:

LED profiles feature a cuttable design, allowing tremendous flexibility to adapt to different space sizes. Users can easily customize the size to suit their needs, achieving tailored lighting results quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Uniform and Shadowless Illumination:

This LED profile provides uniform illumination through its distinctive design. Precision craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials ensure even light distribution, eliminating any shadows or spots. It offers a consistent and comfortable lighting experience, perfect for creating brilliant lighting effects in various settings.

  • Maximum Design Flexibility:

LED profiles are incredibly flexible, not only with the ability to be cut, but also with a wide choice of 36 different profiles. This variety allows users to customize unique lighting solutions, adapting them to specific design and space requirements. Their versatility makes them ideal for meeting a diverse range of demands.


Satin Aluminum


Width 15.8 mm
Height 15.8 mm

Marca SOLOLED COD: SP30 EAN: 0803173015983

Aluminum corner profile kit for 2m LED, 2000×15.8×15.8mm

Aluminum corner profile kit for 2m LED, 2000×15.8×15.8mm
€6.97 Save 4%

Aluminum corner profile kit for LED 2m, 2000×15.8×15.8mm. Ideal for the proper installation of LED strips, thanks to it facilitates the cleaning and durability of the product. It is used to make the outline of rooms, under wall unit or in the veils to make the most of the light of the led strip. Unique kit including 2 meters of aluminum angle profile, 2 meters of cover, 2 caps and 2 clips.


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